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Here, we share a list of interesting films for the weekend. The selection includes a mysterious disappearance of a 10-year-old boy and a confusing story about a dead girl in an empty apartment.


I See You

Director Adam Randall

IMDb Rating

One day, a 10-year-old boy vanishes into thin air in a small country town. His disappearance is immediately linked to other similar cases – children disappeared here in the past as well.

The investigation is delegated to detective Greg Harper. But frankly speaking, he has other things to worry about – his life is bulging at the seams. It turned out that his wife (her name is Jackie) wasn’t quite faithful, the teenage son feels insulted by his mother and demonstrates a defiant attitude. Greg himself have the heebie-jeebies – he doesn’t leave the family but sleeps in the living room more and more often. He couldn’t think of any investigation!

But one day Jackie notices something strange. And it happens not somewhere in the city, buzzing because of the missing child, but right in their house…

You don’t expect anything special from this thriller at first: the inciting incident (the missing child) is trivial. But the film turned out to be a real catch. It’s a dark film with a deep and deceptive plot that makes you think, analyze, guess, and then feel surprised that everything turned out to be completely different from what you had expected.


The Loft

Director Erik Van Looy

IMDb Rating

This story has a few different filmed versions. Each of them turned out to be very interesting. This thriller’s action takes place in a megalopolis.

Vincent, who owns an architectural office, makes an unexpected gift to his friends – keys to a luxurious loft. Men use the apartment to meet with their lovers and take a break from family life. One morning, one of the friends enters the loft and finds a bloodied body of an unknown girl lying on the bed… This is the beginning of a chain of confusing events.

There are many suspects. At the very least – each of the five friends who had access to this apartment. Each of them has a motive and a reason.

The film is breathtaking! When you are sure that you’ve caught on the killer, everything turns out to be much more complicated. After all, each of the friends not only has his own skeleton in the closet, but either isn’t the one he pretends to be…

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