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Sentimental stories are good for awakening the innermost in people’s hearts. You sympathize with the main characters, empathize, and feel sweet with them. And you can’t help but apply what you see on the screen to yourself. Do you know this sinking feeling when your hand unintentionally reaches for the phone after the movie ends – to call or message to someone dear who you haven’t talked to for a long time?

If you want to watch something touching, our today’s selection offers 2 interesting series with a really soulful plot. All of them will tell you about family, support, and your way in this challenging world. Enjoy watching! Charge with kind warm emotions from these stories, even the plot sometimes leaves a strange taste in the soul.


This is Us

2016 – 2022

IMDb Rating

A story about three generations of one incredible family. It all started way back in the 1970s when a simple worker Jack and an aspiring singer Rebecca fell into company. This acquaintance was life-changing. Rebecca failed to make a career in music, but she turned into a wonderful housewife and a mother of triplets (sibling-twins and an adopted boy).

And now we see the grown-up children. The girl has been fighting with overweighting throughout all her life, but despite it she remains cheerful and charming. One of the brothers became a famous actor. He’s handsome and talented but keeps fighting his addictions all the time. The second brother became a Wall Street manager. He has a huge house, a beautiful wife, and two wonderful daughters.

A thin common thread running through the entire series is love. It unites all the characters with each other and gives them strength to overcome many of the tragedies to come.



2021 – …

IMDb Rating

A little-known but talented actress Margaret Qualley stars in the series. Her character Alex lives with her husband and three-year-old daughter in a trailer. Alex has no education, no job, no savings. She used to work in a cafe and even received a college scholarship, but marriage and unintended pregnancy changed her plans. But Alex is a wonderful mom, and little Maddy is her reason to live.

What we see is not another trivial single mother story. Here we have a mighty way of rebirth from an absolutely dependent girl in love into an adult independent personality.

However, her family life doesn’t come along: Alex’s husband works as a barman and is often drunk when he comes home. Because of alcohol, Sean doesn’t control his emotions. Alex puts up with such an attitude for a long time, but one day she’ll realize that it was severe emotional abuse.
Many criticize the “emotional abuse” term. He doesn’t beat you, they say. But he throws dishes and vases at you, screams, swears, knocks holes in the walls, and your silent child watches it. Isn’t it abuse?

And one day Alex runs away from this life. We see how high her price for freedom and independence is. And this is another reason to watch the series. Especially for those who have challenging relationship themselves.

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