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We are sharing a selection of engaging films: a new drama with Penelope Cruz, a stylish horror in the atmosphere of the 60s, and a documentary about the legendary musician Moby.
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Parallel Mothers

Director Pedro Almodóvar

IMDb Rating

Penelope Cruz plays a 40-year-old single mother.

A poignant drama by Pedro Almodovar about two women whose fates accidentally intertwine in a maternity ward. One is a successful 40-year-old woman working as a photographer. The second is a minor girl. Both are pregnant and about to give birth.
Women develop a strong emotional bond, but after giving birth (both to girls), Janis and Ana go separate ways. But they do not even suspect that their destinies are already intertwined in the most incredible way.
The film shows that love is not determined by any factors. The laws of nature, genes, biology and so on lose out when this powerful and often irrational feeling is born in the soul.


Last Night in Soho

Director Edgar Wright

IMDb Rating

Anya Taylor-Joy plays one of the main characters in the film (you may remember her from the huge The Queen’s Gambit series).

Young provincial Eloise (starring young and promising Thomasin McKenzie) is crazy about the 1960s. She lived all her life with her grandmother, but now she is leaving to study in London as a fashion designer.
In the capital, a girl rents a tiny room in an elderly woman’s apartment. And on the very first night in a new place, Eloise has either a very realistic dream or is really transferred to her favorite era in the form of a spectacular blonde (Anya Taylor-Joy). What’s happening? Is this a dream or reality?


Moby Doc

Director Rob Gordon Bralver

IMDb Rating

A genius, a philanthropist, the greatest musician of our time and a man with sad eyes and fate — all this is about Moby.

It is a documentary about the life of the legendary musician Moby. He spends two hours in dialogues with a therapist, a dog, David Lynch and even Death, telling the viewer a story about how life tested him. You will learn many interesting things about the musician’s childhood, and his phobias and fears.
The film awesomely presented the atmosphere of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s with a lot of characters and details from Moby’s life itself. The playlist is worth a special admiration.
We recommend it even to those who are not particularly into Moby’s work.

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