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Detectives, intricate crimes, elusive criminals, and an impenetrable plot. Today’s list is compiled for detective and thriller fans. We are fond of the series we share with you here.


The Killing


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Here’s a dark and intricate story with numerous characters, each (including the main characters – the detectives) having a few skeletons in the closet.
This is an American thriller based on the homonymous Danish TV series.

Two detectives – Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder – are investigating the murder of a 17-year-old girl. The criminal thoroughly covered up the traces: hid the body in a car trunk and drowned the car in a local lake.
It looks like a slight problem: all one needs to do is to run through the database of car owners. But when the detectives identify the car owner, the case becomes even more complicated. The car belongs to a local politician who is running for mayor.

The murder of the underage girl is tightly intertwined with politics, but the investigation isn’t the main topic of the series. Much attention is paid to the detectives’ difficult life, who have a lot of personal troubles and worries in addition to their work.


The Chestnut Man / Kastanjemanden


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“The Chestnut Man” is a picturization of Soren Sveistrup’s (the scriptwriter of the famous Danish TV series “The Killing”) homonymous novel
One of the best last year’s mini-series. Detectives Naia Thulin and Mark Hess receive a task to investigate the brutal murder of an entire family.

When examining the crime scene, they find a toy man of chestnut. There are fingerprints on the toy. They belong to a famous politician’s little daughter – the girl was kidnapped and allegedly killed. Furthermore, her killer has already been arrested and remains in custody. Then how could the chestnut man get to the horrible crime scene?

“The Chestnut Man” series is a decent representative of the Scandinavian noir genre. Atmospheric, intriguing, and unhasting narration with a lot of tension and painful scenes. The killer’s identity remains unknown until the very last episode, and even then, it’s hard to believe what you saw and heard…




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The main character is an Oxford graduate, a highbrow, a fan of crosswords and Wagner’s music

The series action takes place in 1965. A novice policeman Endeavour Morse is investigating the case of a missing schoolgirl. He’s too naive compared to his crusty fellow cops, but it is his frankness and innate intelligence that helps him work at Oxford, where extremely intricate and smart murders are committed.

The series has everything that British detectives are so famous for – an unhasting narration, an excellent soundtrack, and incredible urban sceneries.

Complement this by the atmosphere of the ‘60s. It was the time when there was no Internet or cell phones, and the police looked for criminals without DNA tests and fingerprints databases… Highly recommended!

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