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Perhaps this is the loudest divorce in Hollywood history — the actors officially divorced back in 2017 (and broke up even earlier), but the most acute phase of their breakup seems to be only just beginning.

A few weeks ago, Johnny Depp initiated a lawsuit: the actor is demanding $50 million from his ex-wife Amber Heard for false (or not?) violence accusations.

The trial runs every weekday and is being streamed on YouTube, the streams are gaining half a million views, and excerpts from the hearings are instantly flying off on TikTok and Twitter.

We tell you what monstrous details of the relationship between the two stars became known at this trial.

The actors met in 2011 — Johnny Depp left the family for Amber Heard (at that time, he was married to Vanessa Paradis, and they raised two children). A couple of years later, in 2015, Depp proposed to Amber, they got married and broke up a year later.


First, Johnny Depp and witnesses on his behalf spoke in court. At the hearings, texts were discussed in which the actor called his ex-wife a “filthy whore” and said that her “rotting corpse was decomposing in the damn trunk of a Honda Civic.” And Amber Heard somehow threw two bottles of vodka at Depp, one of which cut off his fingertip. So, as they say in such cases: pot, meet kettle.

Johnny Depp


The bombshell so far was the statement of Johnny Depp’s security guard. He said that Amber Heard confessed to him that it was she who defecated on Depp’s bed and called the incident “a horrible practical joke gone wrong.”


Amber Heard told the court that Johnny Depp’s abuse began in 2012, that is, three years before the wedding. The actor, according to her, was obsessed with jealousy, pounded the wall with his fists, and beat her in a drunken and drugged frenzy. Depp denies all allegations.

Netizens also left and right catch Amber Heard lying. For example, they found fault with the concealer that Amber says she’s been carrying in her bag since 2013 to cover bruises. But this kit was launched only in 2017. And there are many such examples of small inconsistencies in testimony.

What is your opinion, who’s in the right?

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