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Besides the well-known series that are always on everyone’s lips, the equally great projects are regularly released, but often remain in the headline premieres’ shadow. Few people have seen them, they can’t boast of a large audience, but nevertheless they are high-rated as well and can please a viewer with their quality, uncommon idea, and exciting plot. Let’s look at the list of such series – you won’t feel disappointed.


Prodigal Son

2019 – 2021

IMDb Rating

Young criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright is the best specialist in psychology of maniacs, and it’s for a reason. The thing is that his father Dr. Martin Wheatley is a serial killer who’s now serving life in prison in an isolated cell.
Malcolm helps the New-York police to investigate crimes committed by dangerous maniacs, compiles their dossiers, but sometimes he has to turn to his father for advice. Indeed, the rest of his family members – his mother and sister – are quite weird as well.


Scenes from a Marriage


IMDb Rating

Mira and Jonathan have been married for over 10 years and have always looked like a harmonious couple, but one day both spouses decided that it was high time to change something. They no longer felt like a happy family, and the problems ended in divorce.
However, as it often happens, people who have spent many years together can’t easily break their lives – and their souls – apart. This is how the couple that has parted realizes that it was the divorce that was the trigger that could send them back into each other’s arms.


Why Women Kill

2019 – 2021

IMDb Rating

The series action takes place in different timelines: the plot focuses on lives of three young women who lived in the same mansion in Pasadena at different times. In 1963, it was housewife Beth Ann Stanton, who found out about her husband’s affair with a waitress; in 1984 – it was socialite Simone Grove, who also caught her husband in cheating, and finally, in 2019, it’s prosperous lawyer Taylor Harding, who also has problems with her marriage.
So, each of the characters finds out about her spouse’s cheating. This becomes the starting point and inevitably triggers a catastrophe.


The Bold Type

2017 – 2021

IMDb Rating

The biography of the cosmopolitan magazine editor-in-chief Joan Coles inspired the authors to create this series. The main characters’ lives are just the same – bright, stylish, and glossy. Three friends – Jane, Sutton, and Kat – work together in a fashionable women’s magazine Scarlet headed by a hardworking editor-in-chief – Jacqueline Carlyle.
Beautiful and ambitious girls live in New York, explore the high fashion world, enjoy social life, discuss everyday problems, and, of course, are looking for happiness and true love.


New Amsterdam

2018 – …

IMDb Rating

Talented Dr. Max Goodwin becomes the Medical Director of the oldest US public hospital called New Amsterdam. However, now the institution is in tatters: it lacks funding, good equipment, and experienced specialists.
Goodwin strives to restore the hospital’s former status: to achieve his goal, he’s ready to fight bureaucracy and skepticism. However, his predecessors in this position also sought to improve everything, but gave nothing but promises, so the current Medical Director needs time to win the colleagues’ trust.

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