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Don’t have patience and time to watch 8-9 seasons of long series? Want something light and fast, with an effect comparable to an entertaining book read over the weekend? We’ve found a few interesting recent mini-series that you can watch overnight. We really envy you if you haven’t watched them yet.



2014 – 2015

IMDb Rating

Henry Morgan is a well-paid forensic examiner from New York. He’s skilled in solving criminal cases by studying victims’ bodies. But no one guesses that Morgan hides a secret – despite looking like a 40-year-old man, he has been living for 200 years. And when he studies dead people’s bodies, he tries to find an answer to the main question in his life – why he’s the one who never dies.
If you’ve seen The Age of Adaline movie about the girl who also became immortal after an accident (a wonderful movie!), then you will surely like this mini-series. Many people dream of living in this world as long as possible, but they can’t even imagine how hard and hopeless the eternity is.


Only Murders in the Building

2021 – …

IMDb Rating

A comedy detective about a single-location murder with many colorful suspects in keeping with the best traditions of Agatha Christie.
Three neighbors – an actor of one popular role, a failed director, and a girl with a mysterious past (played by Selena Gomez) – are living in a luxurious residential complex. They have not only the place of residence in common, but also a passion for detective stories. One day, they have a strange murder committed in their high-rise. There are no suspects. Or, rather, there are so many of them that it’s hard to say for sure who did it.
The neighbors start their own investigation and make a podcast about the murder. How many secrets are they hiding? And who’s the killer?

Paramount Network

Mayor of Kingstown

2021 – …

IMDb Rating

A fresh criminal drama from the creators of The Wire, Yellowstone, Sons of Anarchy, The Punisher, and Ray Donovan.
By an example of a small Michigan town, the authors showed how corrupt the justice and the penitentiary (prison) system is, and how rotten people are now.
The series tells viewers about the McCluskey family’s hard life, with the mother working as a teacher in prison, the younger son serving in the police, and the two older ones being engaged in private business solving other people’s problems. The authorities know about their crook business but prefer to keep away from it.


Station Eleven

2021 – 2022

IMDb Rating

Genesis: an insidious virus hit the Earth and killed off almost all humankind. People failed to cope with it. Only few survived.
The series takes place 20 years after the pandemic. A group of strolling actors is traveling around extinct America, stages its plays, and bumps into other survivors who are trying to build their own – sometimes rather strange – world on the ruins of the past civilization.
You’ll see prophets seizing power, anarchy, and barbarized humankind.… The series is especially interesting to watch considering the current events in the world. Interestingly: HBO ordered this series in 2019, almost six months before the first coronavirus case. A presentiment?



2021 – …

IMDb Rating

A great comedy mini-series about a comedian Deborah Vance performing stand-ups in bars. Gradually Deborah becomes less and less popular: the Las Vegas audience no longer laughs at her jokes so lively. It looks like she’s finally lost contact with the younger audience.
They hire a young assistant Ava for Deborah, hoping that the girl will help the once popular comedian regain her former glory. As a result, we can watch a great duo of women with different social and economic statuses.

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