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5 Must-Watch Series That Have Already Premiered in 2024

The year has just begun, and streaming platforms producing series are already flooding us with exciting new releases. We present to you 5 powerful series that have already hit the screens and earned high ratings from both critics and audiences alike. These five series cover various themes and genres, making them sure to appeal to all.



The story unfolds in a fantastic fantasy world where people possess the power of one of the four elements. Society is divided into the Fire Nation, the Earth Kingdom, the Air Nomads, and the Water Tribes. The protagonist of the story is a boy named Aang, who discovers that he is the Avatar, the chosen one capable of mastering all four elements. Avoiding immense responsibility, Aang plunges himself into an icy slumber.

A century later, when he finally awakens, he gains the wisdom and strength to confront the Fire Nation, which is involved in a war of conquest. He is aided by new friends: 14-year-old Katara and her older brother Sokka from the Southern Water Tribe.

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One morning, Joe discovers that her car is no longer red but blue, the kitchen cabinets have been rearranged, and her daughter has stopped speaking Swedish. There’s a piano in the room that Joe has never played, and her husband keeps asking strange questions about the state of their relationship. To regain clarity in her life, the heroine seeks help from a psychiatrist and receives a shocking diagnosis – PTSD. The reason for this is the events that occurred five weeks ago when Joe miraculously survived in space after a collision between an unidentified object and the International Space Station.



1963. Renowned detective Sam Spade has retired and enjoys peace in picturesque France, leading a peaceful and tranquil life. But his tranquility is shattered when six nuns become victims of a cruel killer. Fearing and grieving, the townspeople turn to Spade for help.

The detective embarks on an investigation and soon learns that the murders of the nuns may be connected to a mysterious teenager rumored to possess incredible abilities. Sam must uncover the secrets of the past and battle the evil threatening to engulf the world in darkness.



In 1600, brave English sailor and Protestant John Blackthorne, serving as a pilot on a Dutch trading ship, sets sail for Japan on a mission to drive out Portuguese Catholics. After months of searching, he finally finds the Japanese coast, but his ship runs aground. John finds himself in front of local feudal lord Yoshii Toranaga, who is fighting for power against other powerful houses.

The Japanese feudal lord decides to hire a foreign guest into his service to use his knowledge, technology, and gold in the struggle for control over the country.

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The plot unfolds during World War II around the pilots of the 100th Bombardment Group of the US Army Air Forces, who were sent to England to carry out combat missions on B-17 bombers. In 1943, officers, determined to destroy the enemy, prepare for combat missions, unaware that they will soon face the horrors of aerial battles against superior enemy forces.

Despite significant losses and the complexity of tasks, best friends Major Gale “Buck” Cleven and John “Bucky” Egan decide to complete 25 consecutive combat missions for a chance to return home.

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