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Crime stories and thrillers are the most popular film genres. You usually want to watch drama, romance and comedy in a certain mood, but crime stories and investigations are a different matter. They intrigue, relax, capture, and keep in suspense until the last frame. Especially for fans of this genre, we have selected five fascinating thrillers (there are both popular and not very famous ones among them).

Miss Sloane


Miss Sloane

Director John Madden

IMDb Rating

The protagonist wants to tighten rules on the free sale of firearms. What came of it — watch the movie.

Political thriller starring the incredible Jessica Chastain. The protagonist’s name is Elizabeth Sloane. She is a real shark of political life in the United States. She likes to take risks and manipulate, amazes everyone with her unpredictability, deftly plays on other people’s heartstrings, and psychologically reads her competitors. And she is never wrong. Once Elizabeth Sloane takes on another difficult case, she suddenly realizes that the price of victory may be too high…



Director Nash Edgerton

IMDb Rating

Harold seemed to come up with the perfect crime: staging his own kidnapping in Mexico. But in reality, it turned out to be much worse.

Harold is a middle manager working for a pharmaceutical company. There is nothing in his life to envy: debts, betrayal of his wife… Absolutely by chance, Harold learns that he will soon be left without a stable income: the company he works in is planned to be sold. Then Harold comes up with a murky scheme that should provide him with a comfortable life even after the job cut. But he cannot even imagine how much he is mistaken.


Law Abiding Citizen

Director F. Gary Gray

IMDb Rating

Clyde Shelton lost his wife and daughter due to a brazen robbery, and the prosecutor made a deal with the criminals not to lose the case.

This movie is one of those that keeps you in suspense for the whole two hours. It is very difficult to predict the next plot twist. Clyde Shelton is a former intelligence agent (although this is not mentioned in the movie). He has long retired and lives quietly with his family. But everything changes when his wife and daughter die before his eyes, and their killers are sentenced to the ridiculous 3 to 5 years in prison.

10 years have passed since. All this time, there is no word of Shelton. Suddenly, both criminals involved in the death of his family die. It is from this moment the story of law-abiding citizen Clyde Shelton begins.


Above Suspicion

Director Phillip Noyce

IMDb Rating

Starring Jack Huston and Emilia Clarke.

The protagonist is a young married FBI agent obsessed with his career. On instructions from his superiors, he arrives in Kentucky and finds an informant — a local single mother named Susan, with whom he then begins an affair. However, Susan is not as simple and not as honest as it might seem when meeting. For her, this affair is the only way to get out of the swamp she finds herself in.



Director Lin Oeding

IMDb Rating

The story takes place against the backdrop of the snow-capped mountains of Canada.

Jason Momoa as Joe Braven is a tough logger who lives with his family in the mountains on the American-Canadian border. Once a quiet and calm course of their life is disturbed by a gang of drug dealers, hoping that no one lives in such a wilderness. And now, to protect his family from uninvited guests, Joe Braven is forced to take the most extreme measures, using everything that comes into his hands as a weapon…

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