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There are quite a few wonderful films that may seem to have every component to turn into a true blockbuster and win the audience’s attention – a high rating, an uncommon idea, a catching plot, and talented actors starring. But for whatever reason, many people have never heard of these films. We are here to make up for it and introduce a selection of this kind of films – you’ll never regret the time spent watching.


The Glass Castle

Director Destin Daniel Cretton

IMDb Rating

The plot is inspired by a true story about a large family with the eccentric artist mother and the alcohol-addicted father. Trying to turn their life around, the spouses with their children moved house often, but couldn’t get out of poverty. And yet the children believed that one day their father would build a wonderful glass castle from his drawings.
Growing up, children left their fantasies behind, and ran away from the family to make their own way in life. Jeannette is no exception – she’s a successful journalist now and is married to financial analyst called David. However, there comes a point when she’ll have to come to terms with her past.



Director Sean Ellis

IMDb Rating

Young artist Ben Willis is having a hard time after breaking up with his beloved Suzy. Suffering from insomnia, he decides to work night shift at a local supermarket, where he falls in love with charming Sharon.
Supermarket employees are professional “time killers” since they have absolutely nothing to do in the shift. All at once, Ben discovers his ability to stop time: when everything around freezes, he draws portraits of girls frozen like immobile models and comprehends the true power of art.


Desert Flower

Director Sherry Hormann

IMDb Rating

A biographical film about the life of Somali top model Waris Dirie based on the book written by her. She’s a beautiful, strong, and exceptional woman who’s become a fashion star and is now called the “desert flower”. However, as a child and a teenager she had to face real barbarism.
Born in Somalia, Waris was circumcised and married off when she was 13. She escaped, crossed the desert on foot, and reached Mogadishu. Later, she went to London as a maid at the Somali embassy. She was meant to meet people from the fashion world. Earning fame, Waris turned her focus on fighting against violence and cruel traditions of her native country.


About a Boy

Directors Chris Weitz · Paul Weitz

IMDb Rating

Lonely bachelor Will Freeman is a kidult: he’s hardly done any job in his life, making his living of royalties for a Christmas song composed by his father. To find a woman at last, Will decides to attend single parents’ meetings, disguising as a single father.
His romance with one of the single mothers called Fiona wasn’t a success, but somehow, he found common ground with her 12-year-old son Marcus. They quickly become friends: the boy teaches Will to be responsible, and Will protects the child from bullies and helps him believe in himself.


The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Director Rémi Bezançon

IMDb Rating

The film centers on a common French family Duval – Robert and Marie-Jeanne and their three wonderful children – serious Albert, boisterous slacker Raphael, and romantic Fleur.
Over the years, a variety of events happen in the family: children grow up and strive to leave the nest. They live through the first love and disappointment, and the parents deal with health problems and other challenges, but that’s what we call life. We see five turning days from twelve years of the Duval family’s life, which will somehow affect their future.

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