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Time travel tv shows

Imagine living in a world where time travel is possible. At your will, you could easily travel back to the mid-sixties and see The Beatles concert with your own eyes. If you wish, you could go to the future and see your descendants and how the planet has changed over a few hundred years. Life would surely be more interesting. And more dangerous at the same time.

We don’t know what the future hides. We don’t know how we can affect the course of events by traveling back to the past. The uncertainty and impossibility of returning to the past is frightening, inspiring, tempting, and attracting. In our today’s list, you will find the best series about time travel. Be inspired.




IMDb Rating

One of the reasons why the series is worth watching is because it is based on a great homonymous novel by Stephen King, so it won’t make you bored. The main character is a young teacher Jake Epping who bumps into real mysticism. His friend claims to have found a portal in his diner storeroom that could bring him to the past.
Soon Jake gets a chance to see that his friend’s words were true. Now, he has to travel back to the early 1960s on a very important mission: to prevent one of the most notorious crimes of the last century – the assassination of John Kennedy.



2016 – 2018

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The Canadian American fantasy series takes viewers hundreds of years ahead in time – to the distant future. The situation is quite uninviting there – a catastrophe doomed humankind to extinction, and those survived are looking for the last opportunities to save the human race from disappearance.
The people of the future have learned to transfer their consciousness to the past and implant it to other people when they die there. Traveling back to the 21st century, the guests divide into teams and set on an important mission – to prevent the catastrophe and save the human population from the terrible future.



2014 – …

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An atmospheric series that fascinates viewers with magnificent sceneries of harsh Scotland, a memorable love line, and a catchy action. The series takes place after the Second World War: the heroine – Claire – comes to Scotland with her husband, who’s studying her family tree.
Deciding to go for a walk among a local mini-Stonehenge, the girl suddenly gets in a time portal that takes her back to the past for a good two centuries. Claire gets into an unfamiliar and hostile world amidst the war between the English and the Scots. Trying to survive and find a way back, the heroine meets a fantastically charming Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser and loses her head.



2016 – 2018

IMDb Rating

A catchy fantasy series about a time travel team consisting of a history professor Lucy, a former military Wyatt, and a computer specialist working as a time capsule pilot Rufus.
The characters travel through different eras, striving to catch and stop a genius villain Garcia Flynn. He stole a time machine and traveled back to change American history according to his own notion and destroy the country. The pursuit of the villain turns into an exciting adventure with the most unpredictable twists.



2017 – 2020

IMDb Rating

A spine-tingling atmosphere and an intricating plot are peculiar to the series that combined mysticism, religion, and time travel. The action takes place in a small town, whose slow paced life is disturbed by a suddenly disappeared teenager.
People get seriously worried after another person disappears. The old residents are especially worried since they remember that similar events happened in 1986. At that time, the tragedy was related to dramatic events of the 1950s, when they started building a nuclear power plant next to the town. All the events are intricately intertwined, bringing the town residents’ terrible secrets to light…


Doctor Who

2005 – …

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This uncommon series has turned into a full-fledged sci-fi epic, which has become incredibly popular all over the world. Its main character is the Doctor, whose real name only a few chosen ones know. Although looking like a human, he isn’t one at all, but an alien from the planet Gallifrey, and his special power is being a Time Lord.
The Doctor’s large spaceship looks like a common telephone booth. In it, the character can easily travel not only through space, but also through time at any “distance”. Doctor Who keeps traveling and uses his brilliant mind and scientific knowledge to fight against the world’s evil.


The Crossing


IMDb Rating

The action of one of the best time travel series takes place in an American town. Dozens of people appeared out of nowhere on the seashore, and dead bodies are blown ashore. A local sheriff Jude Ellis takes on the investigation, but there was no plane crash or shipwreck in recent news. The survivors claim to have arrived from the future, from amidst another world war.

The CW


2017 – 2018

IMDb Rating

This series about time travelers begins with a mysterious message heard by Raimy Sullivan. The girl works in the police and, feeling nostalgia on her birthday, turns on an old radio. Raimy’s father also worked as a law enforcement officer but died in duty in 1996. The birthday girl is turning the radio handle deep in her thoughts – and hears her living father’s voice. Frank gets in touch with his daughter from the 1990s, and Raimy decides to prevent the fatal event in the past.


Quantum Leap

1989 – 1993

IMDb Rating

The series follows Doctor Sam Beckett. He’s working on a secret project that makes time travel possible but gets caught into its trap and ends up in the past.
The character gets the power to inhabit other people’s bodies and make them act to correct mistakes of the past. One episode – one character, which makes the series especially interesting and entertaining. From now on, Sam will live many lives waiting for a new quantum leap.

Amazon Studios


2019 – …

IMDb Rating

A fresh, quite uncommon, and slightly visually psychedelic series. Rotoscoping has been used to create it, meaning that the filmed material is processed on a computer and turned into animation.
The series tells us the story of Alma – a young woman unhappy with her life. How could she feel happy when every of her days consists of a familiar sequence of actions and events? But one day changes everything. Alma has an accident, and when she wakes up, she starts seeing the ghost of her dead father. He convinces his daughter to master time travel and go back in time to save him.

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